What I´m wearing today!

What I´m wearing today!
So once again my inspiration comes from blogs! I know I´m a complete addict, but this is something good, I will never ever dare to combine a bright green pants with a blue stripes blouse. I´m a neutral-black person that combines colours when they match, and that´s it I stick to the basics yet it worked perfectly, I need to be bold while combining from now on, also is a great way to salute spring!


Tuesday cooking night

Tuesday cooking night
Happy Tuesday!


This is what I´m wearing today, my leather leggins from Top shop which I love, a floral tank since spring is coming, and a zara bright pink sweater to keep me cozy, and my nails are wearing an awesome neon pink!


On a different note this post is named tuesday cooking night, why? I usually cook on Monday nights to have food for all week, since near my workplace you can´t find good decent food, therefore I need to bring mine.


But yesterday was movie night with the boyfriend -we went to see the Ganster Squad, and it was amazing! old glamour, guns and love, perfect combination, great dresses wore by Emma Stone, and a great performance of Sean Pean as the mayor ganster, can you tell I love movies!- but getting back to the subject of the post today I have to cook :/ don´t get me wrong I love to cook, but not when I´m tired from work and all I want to do is sleep! Anyway I have all day to think what I will be cooking  for this week. Sooo give me ideas! what can you cook that is easy and yummy?



It´s friday, friday, friday!

It´s friday, friday, fryday!
Sing along with me! yay”
Finally the weekend is about to start and I´m cool and happy to receive it wearing a pink blouse and a statement necklace.
The plans for tonight, having a quiet evening with the boyfriend watching movies at home and eating some junk food! After all today is friday, friday, friday!
Share with me what are you up to this weekend?

At the marketing office…

At the marketing office...
So is already noon, and I have had a crazy morning, delivering everything to clients, is very exhausting dealing with people that wants everything to be ready on a blink of an eye, yet I have know the attitude to deal with this little crisis.
Therefore in a break of traquility I was able to create this set about what I´m wearing today. A black blouse with a bow (of course not this Valentino, but it was the closest I was able to find that resemble the one I´m wearing) a beige capris and leopard flats are the ingredients of today´s outfit.
I love leopard prints as you can see, I was wearing them also yesterday, just remember the key factor while wearing them is to use just one piece and mix it with neutrals, either shoes, sweater or a t-shirt, this will add some fun to your outfit!
I´m happy to see that I have had more views in polyvore.com you can also follow me there my user name is paolla so you can check all my creations!
Share with me, what is your favorite outfit from your closet!

What I´m wearing today

What I´m wearing today
I love Polyvore and is an amazing tool to share with all of you what I´m wearing today.
Simple and basic is my today outfit. I loved this v-neck top from Zara and is super cheap! add some black leggings from top shop and some accesories,  I´m ready to go!
This is the advantage to work in a cool office I don´t need to work in high heels everyday! Lovin´it!
What are you wearing today? Enter http://www.polyvore.com and share your look with us!
Simple y sencillo es mi outfit de hoy. Esta playera con cuello en v de Zara es increible y sobre todo muy barata, con un leggings de top shop estoy lista para todo.
Esta es la ventaja de trabajar en una oficina relajada, no tengo que trabajar en tacones todos los días!
Me encanta Polyvore es una aplicación muy sencilla con la cual puedo compartir que estoy usando el día de hoy, tu también puedes hacerlo entrando a http://www.polyvore.com
¿Qué estas usando hoy?