Tuesday cooking night

Tuesday cooking night
Happy Tuesday!


This is what I´m wearing today, my leather leggins from Top shop which I love, a floral tank since spring is coming, and a zara bright pink sweater to keep me cozy, and my nails are wearing an awesome neon pink!


On a different note this post is named tuesday cooking night, why? I usually cook on Monday nights to have food for all week, since near my workplace you can´t find good decent food, therefore I need to bring mine.


But yesterday was movie night with the boyfriend -we went to see the Ganster Squad, and it was amazing! old glamour, guns and love, perfect combination, great dresses wore by Emma Stone, and a great performance of Sean Pean as the mayor ganster, can you tell I love movies!- but getting back to the subject of the post today I have to cook :/ don´t get me wrong I love to cook, but not when I´m tired from work and all I want to do is sleep! Anyway I have all day to think what I will be cooking  for this week. Sooo give me ideas! what can you cook that is easy and yummy?