Favorite Halloween movies

Halloween is around the corner, my second favorite time of the year (besides christmas) and because of that, everyone is getting ready to have a wonderful night. Wheter you are attending or hosting a party or staying in -which I think is what I would do this year-  therefore I though sharing with you my favorites movies for halloween, which I will be enjoying.

Grab your popcorns, candies and blanket, and have the best spoooooky night!

1. Halloween (Rob Zombie)

Classic Halloween meets modern horror, perfect combination, be ready to scream!

2. Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock is a genius for creepy-misterious movies, this psychological thriller film will keep you hanging by a thread.

3. Scream

An all time classic, and part of my adolescence, if you have plenty of time, watch the complete saga.

4. The Craft

This one is my ultimate favorite movie, it doesn´t matter if isn´t halloween I will watch either way. I remember how I used to play with my friends “light as a feather, stiff as a board” Please tell me if you did the same!

5. The ring

I still can´t watch the face of the dead girl at the begining of the movie, is just unnerving for me. Still a good movie that is worth the scare.

It doesn´t matter if is a horror movie, or a happy one, just enjoy this haunted day. Any of my picks are in your list? let me know which is your ultimate favorite scary movie!



Hello I´m back!

So after taking a massive break from the blog, I´m back!

Starting today I will post about new purchases, outfits, and trends, in my everyday life, please stay tune for all the new content to come!

ImageDespués de un larguísimo break estoy de regreso!

Desde hoy compartiré con ustedes nuevas compras, outfits y tendencias de mi vida diaria, así que quédense conmigo!

Happy Monday!