Favorites Movies

Hi all,

I haven´t been around for a while but with eastern weekend I was laying in bed and enjoying a small break. Which means I was able to watch tons of movies and TV shows. So here is my ultimately countdown of my favorites movies of all times!

GGWhich movies make your list?

Without any particular order

1. Love Actually
2. The Holiday
3. The Devil Wears Prada
4. Sex and the city
5. Devdas (Bollywood movie)
6. Entre las piernas
7. Volver
8. Vicky Critina Barcelona
9. Despicable me
10. Romeo and Juliet

As you can tell I have a very ecletic taste, it doesn´t matter if is a independent movie, cartoon, or a chick flick, I can enjoy and have favorites around all kinds of movies.