Blogs, blogs, blogs…

Hi all,

Long time without writing, but in the meantime I was reading and reading as usual a lot of blogs, and I must say I found some gems.

Eventhough the complete point of my blog is for you to feel related with someone real, with a normal life, an a normal budget, you still can find fairytale blogs that are amusing -and that is hardly to feel related with- which is the case of the Rose tells us her history a day to day life full of food and amazing vacations, that you can only dream with, yet her way to tell stories and show us around is very honest and not at all narcissistic. I found it completely loveable.

blog3Then I was browsing to find blogs about makeup, favorite products, but I wanted something I can relate with, not just Channel and YSL all around so I found which is pretty cool. In there you can find a makeup addict, that can perfectly combine both designer makeup with drugstores gems, this allowing me -and you- to relate with what she is using and to go and try it for yourself, plus she have amazing tutorials!


Yet one perk of living in Mexico is that most off the brands that are more common in US or Europe such as Bobbi Brown or MAC are pretty expensive in here. For example the other day I was looking a powder from MAC online store that costs 25 dollars which is around 330 pesos, perfectly affordable, yet when I went to the actual store here in Mexico, it was 550 pesos which is  200 pesos more than the actual price for the exact same product, similar goes around for all kind of makeup products specially designer ones that become a major purchase -don´t even make me start about the prices of makeup brushes-.

Therefore I must stick to drugstores products for the everyday life. I´m now preparing a post to show all of you the makeup I usually wear, so stay tune, in the mean time share with me do you think makeup (among other things) is more expensive in Mexico? Which products/brands do you like the most?

Tomorrow is friday yey!



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