Oz and things in 3!

Hi all, happy monday!
We are starting a new week, and with that a new weekend to wait haha I´m sharing with you some one on one about me, so you can know me better, and I expect in return many comments from you about you wishes in three. Enjoy!
1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food? Italian, Mexican, Japanese!
2. First 3 things you do in the morning? Turn off my alarm , drink water, try to wake up lol!
3. Last 3 things you do at night? Set my alarm, turn on something on TV -turn on a movie-, put on socks! (I can´t sleep without them).
4. 3 TV shows you never miss? Well at the moment I don´t have a favorite one. But I´m on season 3 of sex and the city (I can watch it over and over again) since the boyfriend gave me all seasons as a present. The middle and modern family.
5. 3 places you want to visit? India (so freakin bad!!), NYC, Balí.
6. 3 people you can always count on? My sister, my boyfriend, and my best friend.
This weekend I went to see OZ The great and the powerful, with my parents and sis, and eventhough I really enjoyed the movie, I must said the quality wasn´t the best. I´m not sure if it was because I didn´t watch in 3D, but the characters looked like they were pasted in paints, it was odd.
Yet the adapted history was really nice, and James Franco did great as Oz –eventhough some people might think he is stiff as a tree-. For me all the members of the cast were playing characters “outside” of what they are use to play in movies, but for me was a perfect cast ensamble.
Have you seen this new version? Do you prefer the original? Share your comments!

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