Birchbox vs. Fashionbox

Hello again!

So as usual, I was checking some blogs -at work, yes big flaw- and found something call the birchbox, I have seen it before, but never really sure of what it was, and how did work. Have you heard of it? well this is the 101 of this.


The birchbox is a hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door for $10/month (dollars) + Birchboxes Ship Free! That means that each month you will get this box full of surprises, around 4 or 6 products will come in this box as samples of beauty products, with the purpose of making you want more than a sample size product. It sounds great right? who doesn´t like to open a box full of surprises, after all we are girls that love things that we don´t really need, cough. Yet this have a sad side for me, the birchbox is not delivered to Mexico!


Sooooo, after google all around I found the Fashion box!!!!, which is the Mexican version of the birchbox, with this you can try as well many beauty and lifestyle products. The price is 199 per month (pesos) plus free shipping, and if you register for more that one month it gets cheaper! This box contains 7 amazing products. Can you tell I´m super excited to try this box full of surprises I already ordered mine that it should get here on the first 10 days of April, therefore I will try it before becoming a regular suscriptor. In around one month, I will be posting what I received, and let you know if is as incredible as I imagine it will be.

You can order yours at: so let me know what do you think of this, will you order it? have you already tried?

Have a wonderful afternoon!



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