Bunny Love

Happy almost Friday to everyone!

So in case you didn´t already figure it out, I´m obsessed with bunnies! Therefore while browsing I found all this special bunnies. And OMG easter is coming, that means lots of bunnies and chocolat around. Enjoy!

ImageThis one is a DIY spray with gold paint, it turned out really great, you can check it in here: glitternglue.com/2013/02/20/diy-metallic-gold-desk-lamp/


This is an amazing bunny necklace! I want one but haven´t seen it around: stripesandsequins.com As you can see there are also monograms! crazy for them!


This is the cutest thing ever! what a lovely ring, you can find more in: ringoblog.com


I found his illustration in a blog, and is called haute couture for rabbits, there you can actually see runway looks, and then the rabbit version, this is so sweet you can check it in: magpieandcake.blogspot.mx/2007/11/haute-couture-for-rabbits.html

Ok, so I think that is enough rabbit madness for today, so please share with me, if you have any favorite item or character.




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