What I´m wearing today!

What I´m wearing today!
So once again my inspiration comes from blogs! I know I´m a complete addict, but this is something good, I will never ever dare to combine a bright green pants with a blue stripes blouse. I´m a neutral-black person that combines colours when they match, and that´s it I stick to the basics yet it worked perfectly, I need to be bold while combining from now on, also is a great way to salute spring!


Blogs, blogs, blogs…

Hi all,

Long time without writing, but in the meantime I was reading and reading as usual a lot of blogs, and I must say I found some gems.

Eventhough the complete point of my blog is for you to feel related with someone real, with a normal life, an a normal budget, you still can find fairytale blogs that are amusing -and that is hardly to feel related with- which is the case of the thelondoner.me Rose tells us her history a day to day life full of food and amazing vacations, that you can only dream with, yet her way to tell stories and show us around is very honest and not at all narcissistic. I found it completely loveable.

blog3Then I was browsing to find blogs about makeup, favorite products, but I wanted something I can relate with, not just Channel and YSL all around so I found essiebutton.com which is pretty cool. In there you can find a makeup addict, that can perfectly combine both designer makeup with drugstores gems, this allowing me -and you- to relate with what she is using and to go and try it for yourself, plus she have amazing tutorials!


Yet one perk of living in Mexico is that most off the brands that are more common in US or Europe such as Bobbi Brown or MAC are pretty expensive in here. For example the other day I was looking a powder from MAC online store that costs 25 dollars which is around 330 pesos, perfectly affordable, yet when I went to the actual store here in Mexico, it was 550 pesos which is  200 pesos more than the actual price for the exact same product, similar goes around for all kind of makeup products specially designer ones that become a major purchase -don´t even make me start about the prices of makeup brushes-.

Therefore I must stick to drugstores products for the everyday life. I´m now preparing a post to show all of you the makeup I usually wear, so stay tune, in the mean time share with me do you think makeup (among other things) is more expensive in Mexico? Which products/brands do you like the most?

Tomorrow is friday yey!


We found love

Hi all happy weekend!

Today I`m having a lazy saturday, which was needed, after a stressing week.

I was searching for music in youtube since my playlist bored me, and found this cover of we found love (Rihanna) performed by 2 cellos a croatian duo. I have heard them before and love how they transform pop music into the most amazing classical music.
Yet this song completely blow me away and put a song in my face, is just lovely, please here it and let me know what you think, they have a lot more of covers that you will like so enjoy!

You know how I love bunnies, well they found love in this cut clip from Bambi. I love thumper is soo cute!


Tuesday cooking night

Tuesday cooking night
Happy Tuesday!


This is what I´m wearing today, my leather leggins from Top shop which I love, a floral tank since spring is coming, and a zara bright pink sweater to keep me cozy, and my nails are wearing an awesome neon pink!


On a different note this post is named tuesday cooking night, why? I usually cook on Monday nights to have food for all week, since near my workplace you can´t find good decent food, therefore I need to bring mine.


But yesterday was movie night with the boyfriend -we went to see the Ganster Squad, and it was amazing! old glamour, guns and love, perfect combination, great dresses wore by Emma Stone, and a great performance of Sean Pean as the mayor ganster, can you tell I love movies!- but getting back to the subject of the post today I have to cook :/ don´t get me wrong I love to cook, but not when I´m tired from work and all I want to do is sleep! Anyway I have all day to think what I will be cooking  for this week. Sooo give me ideas! what can you cook that is easy and yummy?



Birchbox vs. Fashionbox

Hello again!

So as usual, I was checking some blogs -at work, yes big flaw- and found something call the birchbox, I have seen it before, but never really sure of what it was, and how did work. Have you heard of it? well this is the 101 of this.


The birchbox is a hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door for $10/month (dollars) + Birchboxes Ship Free! That means that each month you will get this box full of surprises, around 4 or 6 products will come in this box as samples of beauty products, with the purpose of making you want more than a sample size product. It sounds great right? who doesn´t like to open a box full of surprises, after all we are girls that love things that we don´t really need, cough. Yet this have a sad side for me, the birchbox is not delivered to Mexico!


Sooooo, after google all around I found the Fashion box!!!!, which is the Mexican version of the birchbox, with this you can try as well many beauty and lifestyle products. The price is 199 per month (pesos) plus free shipping, and if you register for more that one month it gets cheaper! This box contains 7 amazing products. Can you tell I´m super excited to try this box full of surprises I already ordered mine that it should get here on the first 10 days of April, therefore I will try it before becoming a regular suscriptor. In around one month, I will be posting what I received, and let you know if is as incredible as I imagine it will be.

You can order yours at: fashionbox.mx so let me know what do you think of this, will you order it? have you already tried?

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Oz and things in 3!

Hi all, happy monday!
We are starting a new week, and with that a new weekend to wait haha I´m sharing with you some one on one about me, so you can know me better, and I expect in return many comments from you about you wishes in three. Enjoy!
1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food? Italian, Mexican, Japanese!
2. First 3 things you do in the morning? Turn off my alarm , drink water, try to wake up lol!
3. Last 3 things you do at night? Set my alarm, turn on something on TV -turn on a movie-, put on socks! (I can´t sleep without them).
4. 3 TV shows you never miss? Well at the moment I don´t have a favorite one. But I´m on season 3 of sex and the city (I can watch it over and over again) since the boyfriend gave me all seasons as a present. The middle and modern family.
5. 3 places you want to visit? India (so freakin bad!!), NYC, Balí.
6. 3 people you can always count on? My sister, my boyfriend, and my best friend.
This weekend I went to see OZ The great and the powerful, with my parents and sis, and eventhough I really enjoyed the movie, I must said the quality wasn´t the best. I´m not sure if it was because I didn´t watch in 3D, but the characters looked like they were pasted in paints, it was odd.
Yet the adapted history was really nice, and James Franco did great as Oz –eventhough some people might think he is stiff as a tree-. For me all the members of the cast were playing characters “outside” of what they are use to play in movies, but for me was a perfect cast ensamble.
Have you seen this new version? Do you prefer the original? Share your comments!

It´s friday, friday, friday!

It´s friday, friday, fryday!
Sing along with me! yay”
Finally the weekend is about to start and I´m cool and happy to receive it wearing a pink blouse and a statement necklace.
The plans for tonight, having a quiet evening with the boyfriend watching movies at home and eating some junk food! After all today is friday, friday, friday!
Share with me what are you up to this weekend?

“Experimento comparte/The sharing experience”

This video is amazing, was done in Spain, and I think it should be done in all countries over the world, to measure the reactions of childrens, and how they behave according to education and the country they are raised.

The video involves children and how they are innocent and share without any trouble.

They are left by their own, to start eating one of them have food, the other doesn´t……


Bunny Love

Happy almost Friday to everyone!

So in case you didn´t already figure it out, I´m obsessed with bunnies! Therefore while browsing I found all this special bunnies. And OMG easter is coming, that means lots of bunnies and chocolat around. Enjoy!

ImageThis one is a DIY spray with gold paint, it turned out really great, you can check it in here: glitternglue.com/2013/02/20/diy-metallic-gold-desk-lamp/


This is an amazing bunny necklace! I want one but haven´t seen it around: stripesandsequins.com As you can see there are also monograms! crazy for them!


This is the cutest thing ever! what a lovely ring, you can find more in: ringoblog.com


I found his illustration in a blog, and is called haute couture for rabbits, there you can actually see runway looks, and then the rabbit version, this is so sweet you can check it in: magpieandcake.blogspot.mx/2007/11/haute-couture-for-rabbits.html

Ok, so I think that is enough rabbit madness for today, so please share with me, if you have any favorite item or character.



Lazy lazy friday

Hello everyone, finally is friday! happy happy!

Yet I cannot be more sleepy that I am now, quite annoying I slept pretty well, but my bed didn´t want me to let go.

Yesterday was dinner date with the boyfriend, every 28th we go to have a special dinner since is the day we started to be a couple. And now we are getting close to year number 3! Amazing.

Sadly I wasn´t able to take any photos since my telephone was death.

Now I need to start collecting ideas for our aniversary, please share yours with me, I need some help!

What are you doing today?