At the marketing office…

At the marketing office...
So is already noon, and I have had a crazy morning, delivering everything to clients, is very exhausting dealing with people that wants everything to be ready on a blink of an eye, yet I have know the attitude to deal with this little crisis.
Therefore in a break of traquility I was able to create this set about what I´m wearing today. A black blouse with a bow (of course not this Valentino, but it was the closest I was able to find that resemble the one I´m wearing) a beige capris and leopard flats are the ingredients of today´s outfit.
I love leopard prints as you can see, I was wearing them also yesterday, just remember the key factor while wearing them is to use just one piece and mix it with neutrals, either shoes, sweater or a t-shirt, this will add some fun to your outfit!
I´m happy to see that I have had more views in you can also follow me there my user name is paolla so you can check all my creations!
Share with me, what is your favorite outfit from your closet!

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